2012 Year in Review

I WAS THINKING about doing a year in review, but I barely remember what I did last weekend. I will however tell you about some of my choice eateries. Italian being my favorite goes to Mastrioni’s on Hualapai. There are at least half dozen more that I enjoy but won’t mention them all. Looking for Thai? Lotus of Siam is the only place to go. World renowned, Lotus of Siam is tucked away in a not so desirable location, but well worth the trip to the east side of town on Sahara. Staying with the oriental theme, New York Chinese Restaurant is my choice for Chinese take out. With a few tables and two locations, take out is really all you can do. Dim Sum is another story. The Cathay House on Spring Mountain will treat you to a plethora of small dishes of various delicacies. A trained palate is definitely needed. How about some Greek food? The Mad Greek Café at Durango and Sahara is my first choice, and then again I haven’t been to many Greek restaurants in town. McMullen’s for Irish, Famous Dave’s for ribs and burgers and of course, In and Out for the fast food burger. A small hole in the wall on Fremont Street East, Mamita’s was my choice for Cuban. Since finding out the health department had shut them down for a while, I will be looking for a new Cubano restaruant. Being not much of a Mexican fan, I can’t decipher one from another. Tapas however is another story. FireFly on paradise has a great vibe and intriguing menu.  Bagelmania, my preference for breakfast, mainly because of their bagels. Scooped and toasted of course. But from a deli standpoint, I haven’t found one that I really look forward to for that pastrami or corn beef sandwich. Lots of steak houses in town but I haven’t eaten at all of them. Vic and Anthony’s is at the top my list. This is probably why I need to start dieting again.


LET’S LOOK AT music venues and places to hang out.  Afternoon Jazz at E-String brings great big bands on weekends. After football season they will probably start Monday nights again. A little bar and gaming place that’s been around for over 35 years called the Dispensary Lounge, puts together a late night jazz scene on Friday and Saturday nights. Not much on the west side of town but I’m working on that. Some Blues at the Sand Dollar and other clubs around town. Alexis Park for a mix of R&B and Old School Dance. Open Mic’s on Mondays at Bootlegger and the Tap House. Hang out a Piero’s, The Lady Silvia and Salvatore’s piano bar. Other cool bar hangs would be Brio, Blue Fire and possible Kelly’s Steak House, just recently opened.

I don’t want you to think all I do is go out and eat and drink…what the Hell, life is too short, and much of it is lost by waiting!  Certainly don’t let anyone tell you how to live yours!



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2 responses to “2012 Year in Review

  1. Thanks for doing this Evan. We truly appreciate it!

  2. Sam Wagmeister

    The lure of Kent Foote first drew me to Siena Deli on Sahara just west of Fort Apache, but then the food was the clincher. It’s inviting, afforadable and Thursday nights with Foote’s Good Fellas band is a great near-the-end-of-the-week unwind joint. Also have been enjoying Casa di Amore on on Tropicana just east of Eastern now that Mark Giovi has taken over as resident headliner. I hear big things are about to happen with a new menu and entertainment at Italian American Club too, with new management and one of the town’s top experienced restaurant men taking over in the kitchen, but apparently that’s sort of hush-hush right now.

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