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Your Hit Parade

Your Hit Parade was a popular American radio and television program, sponsored by American Tobacco‘s Lucky Strike cigarettes and broadcast from 1935 to 1955 on radio, and 1950 to 1959 on television. During this 24-year run, the show had 19 orchestra leaders and 52 singers or groups. Saturday night Ed Mathews put on a delightful reenactment of the old “Your Hit Parade”.

The following performers helped bring back many fond memories for me as I’m sure they did for the packed house at the Suncoast.

Narrator – Nathan Tannenbaum

Performers include:

Genevieve Dew, Swing City Dolls,

Carmine Mandia, Charly Raymond

Mark Giovi, Ron Smith, Jay Joseph,

Kristen Gressley, Ronnie Rose,

Lionardo &The Hit Parade Orchestra.

with special Elvis appearance by Bill Fayne


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BELIEVE IT OR not, this was my first afternoon gig at the Gold Coast. Of course it’s there last show for a while, but Ed Mathews will still have two shows on Thursday afternoon at 2 PM. One at the Suncoast and the other at Sam’s Town.

I had only planned on staying for a short time, but the talent kept rolling in and I couldn’t leave, in fear of missing another great performer. The show was hosted by Bill Fayne and Mollie Tennant. Two great voices backed up by Lionardo (Ned Mills) piano, Jigs on sax and Billy on drums. The theme was show tunes from Lerner and Lowe, but we heard everything form Opera to R&B. There was George DeMott, Lady J and the comic one liners from Geechy Guy (quite funny if I do say so myself).

If it gets too cold to play golf on Thursdays, I know where I’ll be.

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Due to the large amount of information I am receiving, and the requests to be added to the blog by many of the wonderful performers in our town, last minute changes may occur. If I’m notified or receive them after the calendar posts on Wednesday, I will try to list the corrections before the weekend. So here goes…

 Monday November 1st – Tenor Gladness with Arno Marsh and Tom Hall (no Uli) at E-String.

Mondays – No more open jams/open mic at Bugsy’s

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DID YOU KNOW…Who Is This Cat?

 This cat is considered by many to be one of the most multi-talented musicians in the studios today. Known for being an incredibly versatile composer in a variety of genres for both stage and screen, he combines his deep understanding of the orchestral palette and trust in today’s technology to create music that connects with the human spirit. 

A native of Southern California, he first found his passion for music on the clarinet at the age of twelve and soon after discovered the saxophone in order to play in his High School’s jazz band. Due to a lack of funding for the jazz band, he taught himself to transcribe recordings by Count Basie, Gerald Wilson, Woody Herman & Miles Davis in order to increase the bands repertoire.  It was the summer before his senior year in HS that he attended the National Stage Band Camp in Reno, Nevada and first met mentor, John LaPorta. It was LaPorta who convinced him the only College to consider was the Berklee College of Music in Boston and the only saxophone teacher to pursue was Joseph Viola. 

He spent 1965-1972 at Berklee, first as a Down Beat Hall of Fame Scholarship student and Summa Cum Laude Graduate and then as a full time professor and member of the world renowned Berklee Saxophone Quartet (along side Joe Viola and John LaPorta). He since has received the Outstanding Achievement Award alongside fellow alumnus Alf Clausen and was named one of Berklee’s Fifty Outstanding Alumnus as part of Berklee’s 50th Anniversary celebration.
In 1973 he became a member of Woody Herman’s Thundering Herd and spent the next five years touring as music director and chief arranger for this legendary jazz band. After seven albums and tours with Frank Sinatra & Tony Bennett as well performances with Joe Henderson, Charlie Mingus, Chet Baker and many others, he decided to settle into the New York scene and soon found his niche as a studio arranger, orchestrator and composer for television, film and the Broadway stage.
Since the late 1970’s he has written for Network and Cable Television, Documentaries, Telefilms & Dramatic Series, Feature Films, Broadway, Off Broadway and Radio City Music Hall as well as 100’s of commercials and Albums.
As an educator as well as a composer, arranger and performer, he recently returned to teaching and as a member of the IAJE, participates in summer jazz workshops across the country.


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Ronnie Rose Playing Around


Roma Grill  “Italian Restaurant”
(under new Management)
Wednesday  October 27th  7 to 10pm
Vincent Falcone – Piano
Chris Gordan – Bass
Ryan Rose – Drums
Roma Grill  9570 Eastern Ave Las Vegas (near Silverado)
Reservations are strongly suggested 702-837-5600
Suncoast Casino
Hit Parade “The Show”
October 30 & 31 Saturday & Sunday  7:30pm
Narrator – Nathan Tannenbaum
Performers include:
Genevieve Dew, Swing City Dolls, Carmine Mandia, Charly Raymond
Mark Giovi, Ron Smith, Jay Joseph, Kristen Gressley, Ronnie Rose
Lionardo & Hit Parade Orchestra
Ticket price $19.95 plus tax  call 702-636-7111 ask for box office
 Ed Mathews Desert Productions

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NIK AT NITE at Piero’s




P1010026-1.jpg picture by bulletproofsoul



7:00-10:30 P.M.
 With LARRY MILLONZI on keyboard

and special guests

  PIEROS is located at: 
355 Convention Center Dr.
Call 702-369-2305 for reservations.

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