May You All Have A Happy, Safe & Healthy Holiday

Another few weeks and the Holidays will be a thing of the past; furthermore we’ll start talking about how fast 2012 came and went. I’m hoping to have my new web site up and running by the New Year. Before you know it we’ll be preparing for the 2013 holidays and saying “this year has flown by”. It’s been over three years since I’ve started the Evan Davis Jazz Blog. The weekly calendar of local entertainment started shortly afterwards. Still, with all the musicians and performers that respond to my request for their weekly gigs, I only have a fraction of the events that are going on at the local scene. I’d like to have a more expanded calendar to include all venues and genres, so if any of you come across any artist or venue that you feel should be included in the calendar, please let me know or have the performer or club owner get in touch with me. With that said, last week’s opening of the Phat Pack at the Plaza was a huge success. Another grand opening at Kelly’s Steak House with Ronnie Rose performing in the lounge was also packed, and a Christmas Party at The Dispensary was all squeezed into a couple of nights last weekend. May you all have a happy, safe and healthy holiday.

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  1. Kevin Ruben

    Hey Evan – do we have Lisa Gay, Tony Drake, and the Gentlemen this Friday night 12/21 and Uli at the Dispensary this weekend (Fri and Sat night the 21st and 22nd)? My folks are in town and we are looking forward to these shows if they’re happening. Thanks,Kevin

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