Partying with Lou and the gang

WHERE DO I start? I haven’t written anything about last week’s activities or my wife’s birthday party. Sandi had a few friends to the house to help her celebrate, but that’s another story. Let me get to last nights affairs.

Lou Martinez hosts a Jam Session at Daddy Macs every Wednesday night. It was my first Wednesday at Daddy Macs, but it won’t be my last. Barring the level of service and average food (let’s not forget it is a sports bar), it was a fun time. The addition of Sean “O”Grady as maître de, originally at Bootlegger Bistro, will definitely bring an air of class to the establishment. Now back to the Jam Session. The place was hopping, as all the musicians and singers stared streaming in, while Lou’s band of Marcel Longwell-guitar, Jimmy Prima-drums and April Spain-keys and vocals, took the first set to a great high. The bar/restaurant got packed with local performers ready to share their talents with all the patrons who were eating and drinking and paying their tabs; none of which went to the Jammers. It’s sometimes tough watching such great performers share their talents for free. But it does give them the opportunity to showcase their gift. It was Lou’s birthday celebration as well, but because of another engagement we wanted to get to, we couldn’t stay around for birthday cake.

    Sean “O” Grady



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